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Cub Scout Pack 157 - Weston, MA
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Parents Make the Pack Go!

Cub Scout Pack 157 is blessed with a community of parents who actively support their sons, their Den, and their Pack. Pack 157 encourages every new family to volunteer to serve on a team and every returning family to take on a leadership role. Every year we must constantly replenish as families "graduate". Below are the open positions, the volunteer chart and a description of all positions.

Open Positions (How you can help now):

Bear Den, Wolf Den and Tiger Den Leaders

We can always use help on our teams: Open House, Scout House Overnight, Pinewood Derby, Community Service Day, Spring Fling, Crafts, Pack Meeting and Welcome Desk.

Volunteer Chart:

Volunteer Chart (PDF)

All Positions:

Chartered Organization Representative (COR). Ideally a member of St. Julia Parish, our Chartering Organization, the COR acts as a liaison between St. Julia Parish, Mayflower Council, Cub Scout Pack 157 and Boy Scout Troop 157. The COR is also responsible for signing the Pack's BSA adult applications.

Committee Chair (CC). The Committee Chair focuses on the administrative needs of the Pack including the annual Pack planning meeting, calendar scheduling, filling volunteer positions, parent support and rechartering the Pack. The CC is also responsible for signing the Pack's BSA adult applications.

Cubmaster (CM). The Cubmaster is the face of the Pack. The Cubmaster leads all Pack meetings, recruiting events (fall Open House and Spring Fling) and the Scout House overnight.

Pack Treasurer. Can you balance a check book? The treasurer receives the Pack bank statement, writes checks, makes deposits and monitors the Pack budget. The treasurer is also responsible for oversight of the Cubmaster's spending.

Advancement Chair. Help boys move through the ranks of Cub Scouting and transition into a Boy Scout troop. Answer parent questions, use ScoutTrack to order insignia, prepare insignia for distribution at Pack meetings and plan ceremonies.

Pack Registrar. Can you help new families register for Cub Scouting at the Open House and enter information into ScoutTrack? Also obtain signatures on BSA adult applications, Charter Renewal application and the Journey to Excellence form and submit to council.

Pack Trainer. Review the Pack's online adult training records and remind adults of their required training. Send information to leaders about opportunities for advanced training such as BALOO. (A Pack trainer doesn't need to actually "train".)

Pack Photographer. Regularly attend events, take candid shots at Pack events and load them to our Picasa account.

Scout Shop Runner. If you pass by the Scout Shop in Woburn (Rte. 128) or Southborough (Rte. 9) then this should be easy. We even have a Pack debit card to make accounting seamless. Usually we need things about once per month for Pack meetings.

Webmaster. Can you maintain cub157.org? Add new pages and update content when necessary.

Den Leaders for Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Dens. We must have at least two registered den leaders per den, and ideally we'll have three. A Den Leader commits to (1) complete online training, (2) regularly attend Den and Pack meetings, (3) wear the tan BSA adult shirt to Den and Pack meetings, (4) serve as a point of contact for the parents and resource for flag ceremony questions and (5) lead the Den during breakout sessions at Pack meetings.

Den Coordinator. Coordinate the den calendar, send reminder emails regarding upcoming den activities and follow up with parents to schedule meetings or activities that the parents have agreed to lead. Enters the achievements and electives completed at Den meetings into ScoutTrack.

Publicity Team. Can you write articles and photo captions for publication in the Town Crier? Publicity announcing the September Open House is key. Here we also use backpack flyers printed and distributed to the public schools and Meadowbrook, a piece in the Town Crier, Weston MyGrapevine, WestWord, WCCA Big Tent, WCCA Connect, weston.govoffice.com and yard signs.

Open House Team. Help staff our September open house and tell new families about the benefits of Scouting.

Popcorn Kernel. Can you focus September through December on our popcorn fundraiser? Attend the Mayflower Council popcorn kickoff, order Show-n-Sell inventory, and oversee the Show-n-Sells and the Popcorn Team.

Assistant Popcorn Kernel. Be familiar with the popcorn process and able to assist in case the Kernel is unavailable. Work with the Kernel to support the Show-n-Sells.

Popcorn Kickoff Coordinator. Work with the Cubmaster to execute a Pack "popcorn kickoff" and introduce the boys in the Pack to the popcorn program.

Popcorn Show-n-Sell Scheduler. Schedule seven show-n-sells at Brothers Marketplace and the transfer station. Schedule Cub Scouts for Show-n-Sells using an online system. Email follow up reminders as needed to fill empty slots through the end of popcorn season. During Pack events, remind people of any openings.

Popcorn Personal Show-n-Sell Coordinator. Store and check out Personal Show-n-Sell inventory. Coordinate returns of unsold product and deposit monies for sold product. Transfer inventory to Show-n-Sell inventory as needed.

Popcorn Take Order Distributor (third week in November). Receive Take Order popcorn at your home. Separate Take Orders for pick up by Cub Scouts (about 20 boys). Be available for Take Order pick-ups. Deposit monies from Take Orders and monitor that all Cub Scouts pay.

Popcorn Prize Distributor (late Nov. and early Dec.). Prizes arrive at your house in November. Separate, bag and label the prizes by Cub Scout for distribution at the December Pack meeting.

Popcorn Transportation Team. Pick up popcorn from the Council's distribution center in Westborough on the second Saturday in September from 8am-10am and return unsold popcorn on the second/third Saturday in November from 8am-10am.

Scout House Overnight Team. Help staff our September Scout House overnight and help boys enjoy a tent campout with a campfire, s'mores, games, prizes, and a pancake breakfast.

Fall Orchard Coordinator. Coordinate our fall trip to a private apple and pumpkin orchard with a Scout hike and Scout activities.

Scouting for Food Chair. Every November we work with Boy Scout Troop 157 to collect food donations for a food bank. Can you get Weston ready to participate with some town-wide publicity? Can you make sure that every street on the Weston town map is covered for flyer distribution and bag pick-up?

Assistant Scouting for Food Chair. Help the Scouting for Food Chair with the following tasks: assign street routes to Scouts, make flyers and thank you notes, and pick up donations placed in the drop box.

Ornament Delivery Coordinator. Can you help organize our annual ornament delivery? Contact the two retirement homes to set up dates and times. Bring home the ornaments from the December Pack meeting. Attend both deliveries and bring ornaments, hand bells and song sheets.

Regis Sports Day Coordinator. Can you help organize sports day at Regis College? Book the Regis gymnasium, lifeguards and sports program.

Nova Team. Work with our Cub Scouts on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities to earn the Nova Science Awards.

Blue and Gold Dinner Coordinator. Can you organize our annual celebration dinner? Work with volunteers to decorate the hall, order the cake, buy some food, monitor the buffet and clean-up.

Blue and Gold Dinner Team. Can you support our annual celebration dinner? Work with the Coordinator to decorate the hall, order the cake, buy some food, monitor the buffet and clean-up.

Pinewood Derby Coordinator. Can you help organize a Pinewood Derby? Assign volunteers, supervise track set up and race day. You'll have no shortage of helpers, including Boy Scouts.

Pinewood Derby Team. Can you support our annual Pinewood Derby? Work with the Coordinator to set-up the track the night before and staff a position during the derby.

Community Service Day Coordinator. Can you help organize our annual Community Service Day at the Weston Recreation Center? Coordinate with the Weston Recreation Director and assign volunteers to oversee the planting, mulching and clean-up project.

Community Service Day Team. Support our annual Community Service Day at the Weston Recreation Center by overseeing one area of the planting, mulching and clean-up project.

Spring Fling Team. Help staff our booth at the Spring Fling on the Town Green and tell new families about the benefits of Scouting.

Spring Hike Coordinator. Can you coordinate our annual hike at Nobscot Scout Reservation? Help the boys learn about nature and the out-of-doors during the hike.

Craft Coordinator. Can you coordinate with the Cubmaster to organize a 20-minute craft for a Pack meeting? Can you oversee the ornament craft tables for the December Pack meeting?

Craft Team. Can you help the Craft Coordinator with crafts at Pack meetings and can you oversee one ornament craft table at the December Pack meeting?

Welcome Desk Team. Assist the Pack Committee Chair at the Welcome Desk at Pack meetings and Pack events. Be able to arrive 15 minutes early. Distribute information and be an extra set of hands.