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Cub Scout Pack 157 - Weston, MA
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Weston Scout House Rules

Remember: A Scout always leaves a place cleaner than they found it.

To All Pack 157 Den Leaders:

Consult the calendar at www.westonscouthouse.org. Follow the link there to send an e-mail to request the times and dates you would like from Nelia Newell.

Entry: There is a combination lock at the main door at ground level. There is also a lock box with a key at the kitchen door at the top of the stairs. The codes to open these can be acquired by contacting contact@cub157.org. Please do not share this with everyone. The code is designed to be easy to remember - this also means that if you let all the boys know what it is, they will probably remember it as well and that may lead to irresponsible behavior regarding access to the Scout House.

Supplies: There are many supplies (markers, pencils, glue, etc.) in the center basement room for all to use. There are also Cub Scout specific supplies in marked tubs in the right basement room and Cub Scout posters of the Scout Oath and Scout Law in the poster racks in the center basement room.

Please follow these rules when using the Scout House.

  1. Trash
    Please, take all your trash with you, including bathrooms. Trash bags are under the kitchen sink.

  2. Kitchen
    Please clean whatever you use (e.g. stove, microwave, dishes, etc.).

  3. Heat
    Turn back the thermostat in the downstairs left room to 55 degrees. Please do not adjust the upstairs thermostat.

  4. Lights
    Turn off all lights - bathrooms, halls, downstairs.

  5. Doors
    Lock all doors. Make sure the large front door is pulled shut. Replace the key in the lock box. In winter, close the large door to the main room and the door to the basement.

  6. Windows
    Close and lock.

  7. Bathrooms
    Flush toilets. Empty wastebaskets. Replace toilet paper and paper towels when necessary.

  8. Floors and Rugs
    Sweep floors. Vacuum rugs in areas you use. The broom, dustpan and vacuum are in the bathroom closet.