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Cub Scout Pack 157 - Weston, MA
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Lion Den (kindergarten)
Tiger Den (1st Grade)
Wolf Den (2nd Grade)
Bear Den (3rd Grade)
WEBELOS 4 (4th Grade)
WEBELOS 5 (5th Grade)


  • Den leaders will enter the data for requirements completed at the den meetings.
  • Parents are responsible for entering requirements completed at home.
  • Recognitions are handed out as earned throughout the year at Pack meetings.
  • You will receive an invitation email from "(Administrator Name) via ScoutTrack.com" with a subject line of "Your invitation to ScoutTrack.com". It includes your Userid and temporary Password as well as a link to the site.
  • After clicking on the link, it brings you to a page where you can change your password (new password must be 6-40 characters and include at least one number and one non-alphanumeric character).


  • [Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos] Trail and Adventures
    • 1. Click on "quick entry" (top right corner)
    • 2. Enter the dates
    • 3. Click "OK"
  • View your Bulletin board (documents posted for your reference)
  • Click on your name to change your profile
    • 1. You can change your password or parent contact information
    • 2. Remember to click "OK"


To quickly fill in the same date for many activities, enter the date in the first activity then click your mouse on the other activities that need the same date.